Here we are

luminance-0.1 was released yesterday night, along with luminance-samples-0.1! I’ll need to enhance the documentation and add directions so that people don’t feel too overwhelmed.

I’m also going to write a wiki to help people get their mind wrapped around luminance.

If you think something is missing; if you think something could be enhanced; or if you’ve found a bug, please, feel free to fill in an issue on the issues tracker.

Next big steps

I need to test the framework. I need a lot of tests. I’ll write a demoscene production with it so that I can give a good feedback to the community and prove that luminance can be used and works.

In the waiting, keep the vibe!

↑ luminance 0.1 released!
framework, graphics, Haskell, luminance
Tue Sep 22 00:00:00 2015 UTC